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  • OJ 15/16, [98] Handwritten letter from Hans Weisse to Jeanette Schenker, dated May 26, 1935

    Weisse outlines a plan to give Jeanette financial support in the form of a collection from his most dedicated pupils, equivalent to 200 Austrian shillings per month, for a year, and encloses the first of three planned annual payments. — He inquires whether Schenker's notes on C. P. E. Bach’s Essay on the True Art of Playing Keyboard Instruments might be included in an Afterword to a projected English translation. — He plans an exposition of Schenkerian theory for use in schools, for which he needs to receive a copy of Der freie Satz. — He thanks Jeanette for mementos of her husband, and says a few words about his family and their summer plans.