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  • OJ 15/16, [101] Handwritten letter from Hans Weisse to Jeanette Schenker, dated October 22, 1935

    Weisse thanks Jeanette for the photographs of her husband, and will distribute them to his pupils soon, when he sends the next payment of financial support that he has collected from them on her behalf. — He is actively engaged in bringing Schenker's ideas to an English-speaking audience, and urges her to consider agreeing to a suitably shortened version of Harmonielehre, rather than a word-for-word translation. — For Der freie Satz, an English translation would do more harm to Schenker's cause than not to have it translated at all, and it would be necessary to reconceive the presentation of the theory entirely, especially with respect to terminology. — He suggests that there may be a market for Schenker's library in American universities and libraries.