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English pianist, conductor, and writer on music.

Having trained first as a pianist with Sophie Weisse and studied Classics at Oxford University, Tovey embarked on a career as concert pianist in 1894, establishing an association with Joseph Joachim and the Joachim Quartet that lasted for many years, and later working with others such as Pablo Casals and Julius Röntgen.

In 1914, he was appointed Reid Professor of Music at Edinburgh University, where, in addition to teaching, he founded and conducted the Reid Orchestra. His program notes for the concerts of that orchestra were later republished as his Essays in Musical Analysis. He published editions with commentary of Bach's Well-tempered Clavier (1924) and the Beethoven piano sonatas (1931).

There is no correspondence between Schenker and Tovey, and Schenker seems to have been relatively unaware of his work.


  • A Companion to Beethoven's Pianoforte Sonatas (Bar-to-Bar Analysis) (London: Associated Board, 1931, 2/1947)
  • A Companion to 'The Art of Fugue' (London: Oxford University Press, 1931)
  • Essays in Musical Analysis (London: Oxford University Press, 1935-39)


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