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  • Max Broesicke-Schoen
  • Max Broesicke-Schön
  • Schön
  • Max Broesike-Schoen
  • Max Broesike-Schön


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  • OJ 15/15, [17] Handwritten postcard from Weisse to Schenker, dated January 22, 1925

    Weisse alerts Schenker to the January 1925 issue of Die Musik, which contains two pieces concerned with him. He suggests that Schenker travel to Munich, to negotiate a deal with Alfred Einstein at Drei Masken-Verlag concerning the publication of a successor to Der Tonwille.

  • OJ 6/7, [17] Handwritten letter from Schenker to Moriz Violin, dated February 2, 1925

    Schenker, repeating some of the points made in earlier letters, continues to give an account of Hertzka's dishonest dealings with him over Der Tonwille and asks Violin to give him an accurate count of the subscriptions that Max Temming paid for in the distribution of free copies of the journal to university music departments. He asks if Violin suspects that anti-Semitism lurks behind some of the critical notices of his recent concert. Finally, he mentions an article in Die Musik by Paul Bekker that numbers Schenker among the hermeneutists; the same issue contains a review of Der Tonwille, by Max Broesicke-Schon, disputing the supreme genius of the canonic composers.