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Austrian pianist, teacher, and composer.

Peters studied piano (Schenner, Epstein) and theory (Krenn) at the Vienna Conservatory 1875‒82, and also with Bruckner at Vienna University. He lived in Munich 1901‒03, then from 1905 on primarily in Vienna. He taught piano at the Vienna Conservatory from 1905 to 1908, being succeeded by Moriz Violin. From 1905 on he undertook many concert tours.

Peters and Schenker

Peters is mentioned in passing in a letter from Schenker to Hertzka of 1908 (WSLB 14) as previous teacher of piano at the Conservatory. In his diary for December 2, 1928 Schenker records hearing on the radio a recital by Peters of works by Beethoven, Mozart, and Handel, on which he comments: "The best intentions, even musical; and yet an unsatisfactory performance." The diary also records without comment on December 21, 1931: "Peters plays the "Appassionata." No correspondence or direct contact between the two men is known.


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  • Ian Bent

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