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    Czech pianist and piano teacher.

    Career Summary

    Malvine Burstein made her debut in Vienna in 1868, having studied with Carl Tausig and Franz Liszt. In 1871 she married medical doctor and writer Moriz Brée (1842‒1916). In the 1870s she studied with Sofie Menter, and from 1882 with Theodor Leschetizky, whose assistant she became in 1893, publishing an account of his "method" in 1902, as well as establishing her own school of piano in Vienna, her pupils including Elly Ney, Arthur Schabel, Paul von Wittgenstein, and Felix Salzer. She established an international career as a concert artist, and formed a piano trio with Eugenie Epstein (violin) and Rudophine Epstein (cello) as the "Damen-Trio," which also performed internationally. She published articles and the book:

    • Die Grundlage der Methode Leschetizky (Mainz, 1902); Engl. transl. by Theodore Baker as The Groundwork of the Leschetizky Method, (New York, 1902); French transl. by Simone Kleeberg as Base de la méthode Leschetizky (Paris, 1902)

    Brée and Schenker

    Schenker was certainly aware of Malwine Brée as another piano teacher in Vienna, and made passing reference to her in his diaries for 1919 and 1924, but there seems to be no evidence that he was personally acquainted, and there is no surviving correspondence between the two.


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