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  • FS 40/1, [21] Handwritten letter from Schenker to Salzer, dated March 25, 1934

    Schenker cancels the seminar for March 30, and sends Easter greetings. — Is keen to read the manuscript of Salzer's book. — Reports letter from Weisse regarding an English translation of Harmonielehre.

  • OJ 12/6, [29] Handwritten letter from Jonas to Schenker, dated March 30, 1934

    Jonas wishes the Schenkers a happy Easter. — His book expected out April 20: Jonas wonders if it would be a good idea to ask Furtwängler for a letter for it.

  • OJ 12/6, [30] Handwritten letter from Jonas to Schenker, dated March 16, 1934

    Jonas has mailed off the book [to his publisher]; he hopes that Schenker will approve of it [when eventually he sees it]. It comprises four chapters and two appendices. — He thanks Schenker for the gift of his Syrian Dances. — The Director of the Hochschule für Musik in Berlin, Fritz Stein, has written that he cannot arrange a position for Jonas, whereas Jonas (with support from Furtwängler) had sought only students to whom to give [private] lessons. — Jonas alludes to difficult conditions under which he is working, and describes his conflict with piano teacher Georg Bertram. — Relations with van Hoboken are strained, despite Jonas's having included an appendix about the Photogrammarchiv in his book.

  • OJ 15/16, [94] Handwritten letter from Hans Weisse to Schenker, dated March 15, 1934

    Weisse apologizes for long silence, largely on account of depression at the lack of enrollment at Mannes and of enthusiasm for his recently published Violin Sonata. — At Mannes he lectures about his own work, because it is important to show how Schenkerian theory can have a practical application for composers; his pupil Israel Citkowitz is the only cause for optimism. — At Columbia University, where he "smuggles" Schenkerian theory into his lectures, enrolment continues to be large. — He sends a copy of his Violin Sonata, and promises his Variations on a Popular American Song. — He is not coming to Europe this summer. — Universal Edition is going ahead with a schools' version of Schenker's Harmonielehre, but he is surprised that Alfred Kalmus expects him to be involved in an American edition of this.

  • OJ 5/18, 37 Handwritten postcard from Schenker to Jonas, dated March 29, 1934

    Schenker acknowledges OJ 12/6, [30] and praises the table of contents of Jonas's Das Wesen des musikalischen Kunstwerks; — He is finishing Der freie Satz.

  • OJ 89/7, [7] Typewritten letter (carbon copy) from Hoboken to Schenker, dated March 15, 1934

    Hoboken outlines plans to expand publicity for the Photogram Archive. — Reports re his work on Chopin's Scherzo Op. 54, which he will bring to his April 3 lesson. — Refers to the invitation to Schenker to contribute to the journal of the Reichsmusikkammer.