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  • Erich Prieger


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  • OJ 10/3, [5] Handwritten letter from Otto Erich Deutsch to Schenker, dated January 8, 1920

    Deutsch reports that Hertzka wants the music connoisseur edition of the "Moonlight" Sonata to include facsimiles only, not textually cleaned editions. Deutsch outlines the basis of the contract (editors will receive 8% of the retail price) and the production timetable. He asks if Schenker would rather take on a different facsimile due to competition from a Copenhagen publisher. Schenker's Theory of Harmony was not it stock in Vienna.

  • OJ 10/3, [7] Handwritten letter from Otto Erich Deutsch Deutsch to Schenker, dated January 16, 1920

    Deutsch will write to the Beethoven House in Bonn to seek permission to reproduce the manuscript of the "Moonlight" Sonata. He suggests using the first edition as the source for the missing opening and closing bars, and asks Schenker to refrain from polemics in his commentary. Copies of the manuscripts of Beethoven's piano sonatas Opp. 28, 109, 110 and 111 should not be difficult to obtain, and he has made inquiries regarding the manuscripts of Beethoven's Piano Sonata Op. 106 and Mozart's A minor Rondo K. 511.

  • OJ 11/54, [25] Typed letter from Hoboken to Schenker, dated March 27, 1929

    Hoboken has broken off his friendship with Otto Vrieslander after discovering that the latter has been cheating him.