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German publishing house.

The Göschen publishing hour was founded by Georg Joachim Göschen (1752‒1828) in Leipzig in 1758. During his lifetime it published works by Schiller and a complete edition of Goethe's works (1786‒90). The publishing house was sold in 1838, and after several changes of hands was purchased by Walter de Gruyter & Co in 1919.

Of books by Schenker's acquaintances, August Halm's Harmonielehre was published by Göschen in 1900, and Karl Grunsky's Musikgeschichte des 19. Jahrhunderts in 1902, Musikgeschichte des 17. Jahrhunderts and Musikgeschichte des 18. Jahrhunderts in 1905, and Musikaesthetik in 1907.


  • Wikipedia ("Georg Joachim Göschen")


  • Ian Bent

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