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Financier, man of letters, from 1890 theater critic of Ostdeutsche Rundschau, a German nationalist mouthpiece which, after several renamings, was absorbed into the Deutschnationale Tages-Zeitung, and from 1926 became the official organ of the National Socialists in Austria. Antropp headed the culture desk of the Deutschösterreichische Tages-Zeitung 1921-23.

Correspondence with Schenker

One letter from Antropp to Schenker survives, written in Antropp's capacity as President of the Vereinigung Wiener Musikreferenten (OJ 14/44, September 30, 1910), co-signed with Paul Stauber.


  • Coroner's record of November 18, 1923, Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv
  • Reittererova, Vlasta & Reitterer, Hubert, Vier Dutzend rothe Strümpfe... Zur Rezeptionsgeschichte der Verkauften Braut von Bedřich Smetana in Wien am Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts (Vienna: [publisher], 2004), pp. 413-14


  • Martin Eybl

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