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Career Summary

German music historian, theorist, and bibliographer.

Dommer initially studied theology, but changed to music, studying composition with Johann Christian Lobe and Ernst Friedrich Richter in Leipzig. He moved to Hamburg in 1863, where he lectured in music history and theory, serving also as the music critic for the Hamburger Korrespondenten. In 1870, he took a secretarial position at the Hamburg city library, where he created the music subject catalog. In 1889, he retired and settled in Marburg.

In 1865, Dommer edited a revised, expanded 2d edition of H. C. Koch's Musikalisches Lexikon. His other publications include Elemente der Musik (Leipzig: Weigel, 1862), Handbuch der Musikgeschichte (Leipzig: Grunow, 1868), Lutherdrucke auf der Hamburger Stadtbibliothek 1516–1523 (Leipzig, 1888), Die ältesten Drucke Marburgs in Hessen 1527–1566 (Marburg: Elwert, 1892), and numerous articles for newspapers. In addition, he authored biographical articles, especially on musicians, for the Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie (the 56-volume general German biography published in 1912).

Dommer and Schenker

There is no known correspondence or contact with Schenker, but a letter from Anton von Dommer to Schenker survives at OJ 10/10 (1898).


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