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Austrian writer on music.

After his schooling in Linz, Göllerich studied composition with Bruckner in Vienna, and piano with Liszt, working also as the latter's secretary, 1884-86. He worked as a music critic and advocate for Liszt, Wagner, and Bruckner in Vienna. In 1890, on the recommendation of Cosima Wagner, he took over the Ramann-Volkmann'sche Musikschule in Nuremberg, establishing branches in Erlangen, Fürth, and Ansbach. In 1896, he returned to Linz, where he became conductor of the Musikverein and director of the Musikverein-Musikschule (later named Bruckner-Konservatorium). His wife, Gisela Pásthory-Voigt, also a Liszt pupil, took over the music direction of the Nuremberg schools at his death.

Of his many books, the most important was the four-volume Anton Bruckner: ein Lebens- u. Schaffensbild, completed by Max Auer (1922, 1928, 1932, 1937).

There is no known correspondence between Göllerich and Schenker.


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