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German conductor and composer.

Trained at the Veit Conservatory, Graener held conducting positions in Germany and England, then in 1908 joined the Neues Wiener Konservatorium. He was made a professor of the Berlin Akademie der Künste in 1920 and succeeded Reger at the Leipzig Conservatory. He was Director of the Berlin Stern'sches Conservatorium 1930-33, where he also took masterclasses. A member of the National Socialist Kampfbund für Deutsche Kultur, he became vice-president of the Reichsmusikkammer 1933-41.


  • NDGM2 (2001 and online)

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  • OJ 12/6, [10] Typewritten letter from Jonas to Schenker, dated March 3, 1932

    Jonas reports on his course on Schenker's theory at the Stern Conservatorium, two forthcoming lectures, an article intended for publication, two radio talks and a radio recital; includes reference to his later textbook Das Wesen des musikalischen Kunstwerks.

  • OC 18/37-38 Handwritten letter from Furtwängler to Schenker, dated December 10, 1932

    Furtwängler shares Schenker's assessment of Ludwig Karpath, and has not written a letter for publication. — He has been exploring possibilities for Schenker in Berlin, particularly taking over a masterclass at the Akademie der Künste, with additional lectures at the Stern'sches Conservatory. — He has heard from Hans Weisse. — He encloses a review by Herman Roth, and comments on the latter's character.