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German conductor.

Muck studied philology at Heidelberg and Leipzig Universities; after several appointments, he became conductor of the Landestheater in Prague in 1886, then principal conductor of the Berlin Opera in 1892 and general music director in 1908. He took over the directorship of the Boston Symphony Orchestra in 1912, and conducted the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra from 1922 to 1933. He was a leading conductor of the music dramas of Wagner (notably his Parsifal at Bayreuth) and of the Bruckner symphonies.

No correspondence between Muck and Schenker, or indeed contact of any sort, is known to have occurred. Furtwängler referred to him once disparagingly in a letter to Schenker (OC 18/37-38: 1932).

Source: NGDM2 (2008).

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  • OC 18/37-38 Handwritten letter from Furtwängler to Schenker, dated December 10, 1932

    Furtwängler shares Schenker's assessment of Ludwig Karpath, and has not written a letter for publication. — He has been exploring possibilities for Schenker in Berlin, particularly taking over a masterclass at the Akademie der Künste, with additional lectures at the Stern'sches Conservatory. — He has heard from Hans Weisse. — He encloses a review by Herman Roth, and comments on the latter's character.