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  • Mörike


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  • OJ 15/15, [20] Handwritten postcard from Weisse to Schenker, dated April 16, 1926

    Schenker has, mistakenly, sent Weisse a copy of Reger's "Telemann" Variations (Op. 134) instead of the "Bach" Variations (Op. 81) which he had lent him. Weisse asks what is holding up the publication of the first Meisterwerk Yearbook, and suggests that Schenker might write about Bruckner in the next one. A Brahms analysis would help strengthen his position against his opponents. He also recommends that Schenker discuss a work that is less than perfect, and cites Eduard Mörike's "Um Mitternacht" as an example of a poem whose opening verses are beautiful but which deteriorates in meaning and poetic quality.