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German philosopher and musician, early advocate of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach.

Griepenkerl was Professor of Philosophy and the Fine Arts at the Carolinum in Braunschweig from 1821. He was also a harpsichordist and organist, and founded a Singakademie in Braunschweig, which he directed, performing the choral works of J. S. Bach, for which he advocated strongly. He published textbooks of aesthetics and logic, and many articles.

In 1837 he embarked jointly with F. A. Roitzsch on an edition of the keyboard works of J. S. Bach, followed in 1844 by an edition of the organ works, both published by Peters of Leipzig, initially in seven volumes, later expanded by Roitzsch to nine. The Griepenkerl edition is mentioned in letters by Ernst Rudorff to Schenker.


  • MGG, Heinrich Sievers (1956)


  • Ian Bent

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