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Coffee house at Universitätsstraße 3, Vienna I, close to Vienna University and the Votivkirche, frequented mostly by Jews, and associated in the 1930s with performances of music by Schoenberg, Webern, Krenek, and others. Schenker visited it with members of his family in September 1914 and describes it as "full of East-Galician refugees," finding it distasteful (OJ 1/16, p. 705).

The café was famous for the cabaret Regenbogen, created by cabaret artists Teddy Bill and librettist Hans Lengsfelder (before Lengsfelder left for the USA in 1932), and from 1935 to 1938 for the ABC Kabarett. (The café is now called Arkadenbräu, having for a time been "Café Votiv," and is accessed at Reichsratsstraße 17.)

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