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Dutch composer, teacher and writer on music, the son of Samuel de Lange.

Career Summary

Lange studied cello (A. F. Servais) and composition (Berthold Damcke) at the Brussels Conservatory, thereafter touring as a soloist. He taught at the Lemberg (L'viv) Conservatory in the period 1860‒62, then at the Toonkunst school in Rotterdam from 1862. He lived and worked in Paris 1864‒70 until the Franco-Prussian war forced him to move to Amsterdam, where he established a music school at Zaandam in 1873. In 1884 he co-founded the Amsterdam Conservatory with Frans Coenen, teaching there and serving as its director 1895‒1913. In 1914 he moved to Pont Loma in California. He was an important early champion of music of the Renaissance, and he worked as a music critic from 1875 to 1913.

Lange and Schenker

There is no surviving correspondence between the two men, nor is any personal contact known. In 1908, Schenker wrote that Lange had a copy of the first edition of Beitrag zur Ornamentik , and that he "views my work favorably"; a copy of the second edition was sent to him at Schenker's instruction (WSLB 21, OC 52/27, WSLB 22). Schenker was conscious of the Amsterdam Conservatory, where his friends Julius Röntgen and Johannes Messchaert taught, as a potential place for advocacy of his theories.


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  • Ian Bent

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