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Organization founded in 1912 by Betty Kolm. On the basis of lists from teachers, the children in question were fed lunches for a small payment; during the wartime honorary presidency of Anka Bienerth, it was transformed into the Schwarz-Gelbe Kreuz [Black-and-Yellow Cross].

A "Verein zur Speisung hungernder Schulkinder in Wien" [Association for Feeding Hungry Schoolchildren in Vienna] was discussed three years before this founding date, in the Zentralblatt des Bundes österreichischer Frauenvereine

The Association and Schenker

Schenker was himself indirectly involved with this organization through his association with his pupil and benefactress Sofie Deutsch. Deutsch died in 1917, and evidently left a large legacy to the Association with the stipulation that a portion of the annual yield be dedicated to the creation of two stipends a year for impecunious skilled composers and composition pupils, the choice of recipients to be made exclusively by Schenker: see OJ 12/31, [1] and [2], December 7, 1917 and July 1, 1924 (Ernst Lamberg to Schenker), and mentioned also as the "Verein zur Ausspeisung armer Schulkinder" [Association for the Distribution of Food to Poor Schoolchildren] in OJ 5/25, [1], Schenker to Josef Marx, October/December 1924.

(Schenker mentions Anka Bienerth in his letter to Hertzka (UE), WSLB 233, December 20, 1914.)

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