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Musical conservatory founded by Frank Damrosch (1859–1937) in New York in 1905 as an alternative to the European conservatories to which American musicians were previously obliged to go for advanced study.

The Institute was the basis of what would become in 1926, after the establishment of the Juilliard Music Foundation and the creation of a graduate music school in 1924, by merger of the two the Juilliard School of Music. The Institute was initially located on Fifth Avenue at 12th Street, but in 1910 moved to Claremont Avenue (now the location of the Manhattan School of Music).

The Conservatory and Schenker

The Institute's importance at an early date to the Schenkerian world lies in the fact that George A. Wedge, who had studied there, and then became a teacher and the dean of the Institute, used Schenkerian theoretical ideas in his teaching from at least 1925.


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