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  • Otto Maas
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  • OC 1B/10-11 Handwritten letter from Schenker to Hertzka (UE), dated February 22‒23, 1922

    Schenker returns materials for the Fifth Symphony article, reports a delay in providing information for the facsimile edition of the "Spring" Sonata, and complains that he has futilely lavished time on the purification of the German language for the second edition of Die letzten fünf Sonaten ... Op. 109. — He agrees in principle to Hertzka's idea of an "Urlinie-Ausgabe" of the Beethoven sonatas, and agrees to announce it in Tonwille 2, but asks how the first seventeen sonatas are to be done retrospectively, and rejects the suggestion that his pupils might make the preparatory graphs.