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German concert pianist, teacher, editor, and writer on music.

Career Summary

From 1860, Reinecke was professor of piano at the Leipzig Conservatory, of which he became the Director in 1897. Reinecke was a prolific composer, edited keyboard concertos, and was author of several books and many articles.

Reinecke and Schenker

Schenker disagreed with Reinecke's readings in editions, generally citing his name along with others, as in the following statement: "It is imperative for me by these means at long last to eradicate existing preconceptions that have unfortunately been propagated even by such musicians as, e.g., Bülow, Reinecke, Busoni, etc." (letter to Emil Hertzka, WSLB 69/71, November 1, 1910). Schenker criticizes Reinecke's Die Beethoven'sche Clavier-Sonaten (Leipzig, 1873, 9/1924--of which there was a copy in Schenker's personal library) in his essay on Beethoven Op. 2, No. 1 ( Der Tonwille, Heft 2 (1922), p. 48; Eng. trans., vol. I, pp. 94-95).

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