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German musicologist, music educator and administrator.

Career Summary

Schünemann taught at Berlin University from 1919 onwards, was appointed Deputy Director of the Berlin Hochschule für Musik in 1920, and succeeded Franz Schreker as its Director in 1932, only to be dismissed by the Nazi regime in 1933. Reinstated in 1934, he was appointed Director of the music division of the Prussian State Library, and was consulted during World War II on the seizure of music collections in France.

He was one of the founders of modern German music education, and author of books and articles on music education as well as on folk music and other subjects. In the 1930s, he and Leo Kestenberg were involved in reforming every aspect of music education in Prussia.

Schünemann and Schenker

He is referred to once in a letter from Schenker to Furtwängler, regretting that the fate of music was in the hands of: " the Kestenbergs, Schünemanns, Schrekers, and similar riffraff who make the decisions on this, for they know nothing about music, at least nothing about great music, and merely make business deals in 'organization'." (OJ 5/11, [1], vsn 1 November 13, 1931 - draft, the remark did not survive into the final version).

There is no known correspondence between Schünemann and Schenker.


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