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  • Benito Mussolini


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  • DLA 69.930/11 Handwritten letter from Schenker to Halm, dated November 2, 1922

    Schenker acknowledges receipt of two booklets on youth and the new republic, returns them, comments on them critically: idealistic German democrats desire maximal remuneration with minimal work; illustrates point by difficulties with maids in Schenker household; German democrats naively overestimate social and intellectual status of non-German commoners (French, British, American); Schenker decries cosmopolitanism and those Germans who advocate individuality at the expense of society; Schenker praises the fascists as countering communism and social leveling, compares Mussolini's Italy favorably with present-day Germany.

  • OJ 10/1, [73] Typewritten letter from Walter and Margarete Dahms to Schenker, dated December 27, 1922

    Dahms has been trying to improve his publishers' financial terms. — He is in low-grade accommodation; housing in the "German colonies" is available only to officials. — Reports on the concert season in Rome. — Die Musik would not accept an article from him on Schenker's teachings. — Comments on a recent article by Paul Bekker, on Emil Hertzka's "sabotaging" of Schenker, and Furtwängler's lack of whole-hearted support. — Is still working on his latest book, for which he is arranging a de luxe edition by subscription. — Reports unfavorably on an incident in which Otto Klemperer played the Italian fascist hymn.

  • OJ 10/1, [89] Handwritten letter from Dahms to Schenker, undated [c. April 29, 1925]

    Dahms has found a rental cottage in rural Pallanza, and invites the Schenkers to visit. — Hindenburg's election as German President has given a "jolt" to Europe and pleased Mussolini; it should produce shrewd politics, but he doubts whether Hindenburg will be able to lift Germany out of mediocrity.

  • OJ 11/54, [24] Typed letter from Hoboken to Schenker, dated August 27, 1928

    Hoboken recounts his and his wife's travels through Germany, including encounters with Thomas Mann and others. He expects to return to Vienna in mid-October.

  • OJ 89/7, [9] Handwritten letter from Schenker to Hoboken, dated June 12, 1934

    Schenker recounts a visit to Grinzing to view Hoboken's new house, and then to the Kobenzl; — reports on last-minute work for Der freie Satz and a new edition of the Beethoven piano sonatas; — comments on political developments in Europe; — Jeanette and he are leaving for the summer vacation.

  • OJ 89/7, [14] Handwritten letter from Schenker to Hoboken, dated August 4, 1934

    Schenker asks about Hoboken's address. — An article has appeared belatedly in the Deutsche Zeitschrift.