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  • Rudolf Schäfke


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  • OJ 9/34, [42] Handwritten letter from Cube to Schenker, dated October 4, 1934

    Quotes letter from Furtwängler in extenso touching on reasons for dismissal and articulating the importance of Schenker's theory; Cube describes the impact of this letter on his Director. The names of Schenker, Halm, and Kurth were deleted from a recent text of his, and censorship has been imposed. Describes his own recent activities. Outlines his geometric theory of the diatonic components of tonality. Encloses photograph of his wife and son; describes hardships. Denies rumors that he has cheated Moriz Violin, and refers to the resulting backlash on him: Violin has a "complex", feels downtrodden by everyone.

  • OJ 5/7a, [51] (formerly vC 51) Handwritten letter from Schenker to Cube, dated October 26, 1934

    Acknowledges OC 9/34, [42], and its contents; comments on the "youth of today" – organic connection is the best thing for them; asks publisher of Schäfke book. Once Der freie Satz is in print, he will give his mind to the continuation of the Urlinie-Tafeln. Schenker's name is included in the Spanish Enciclicopedia universale.

  • OC 44/8 Handwritten postcard from Cube to Schenker, dated October 29, 1934

    Cube gives the publisher of Schäfke's Geschichte der Musikästhetik, and reports the prospect of a permanent position.