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Italian actress of international renown, known especially for her interpretation of roles in plays by Gabriele D'Annunzio (several of which were written for her) and Henrik Ibsen.

Duse and Schenker

In an article of 1892, Schenker referred to the operatic singer Gemma Bellincioni as "the singing Duse." Schenker referred directly to Duse in a review of Karl Goldmark's opera The Cricket on the Hearth. In a letter of 1892 to Schenker, Maximilian Harden compared Duse unfavorably to Bellincioni (OJ 11/42, [1]). In his 1909 diary, Schenker records seeing a guest performance of Duse in Ibsen's The Lady from the Sea on January 29.


  • Federhofer, Hellmut, Heinrich Schenker als Essayist und Kritiker (Hildesheim: Olms, 1990), pp. 29, 187

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