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German publisher, proprietor of the J. G. Cotta'sche Buchhandlung (J. G. Cotta's Book Dealership) from 1889 to his death in 1911 under the name J. G. Cotta'sche Buchhandlung Nachfolger (Successor(s) to J. G. Cotta's Book Dealership).

In 1861, Kröner had established himself as a publisher and book dealer with his firm A. Kröner Verlagsbuchhandlung. In the years following, he bought up several other small publishing companies, forming a new company and issuing the conservative newpaper Schwäbische Volkszeitung. Already in 1886, he had bought the Cotta printing works (Cotta'sche Druckerei) in Stuttgart , and even earlier, from 1882, had been publishing with Carl von Cotta in the Cotta publishing house (which he had been leasing since 1879) before buying the latter firm out in 1889 and becoming its proprietor. This firm became a limited company (GmbH) in 1899, after which Adolf directed it together with his son Robert until his death in 1911. In 1901, Adolf established a subsidiary company (Filiale) in Berlin, after which the place of publication was officially "Stuttgart and Berlin," as on the title-pages of Schenker's Harmonielehre and Kontrapunkt I . Adolf made Robert a partner in 1907 (cf. OJ 9/31, [15]), and after 1911 Robert became the proprietor.



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