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Hungarian-Jewish chocolate manufacturer, owner of the Erika chocolate factory; father of Robert Brünauer, friend, pupil, and sometime patron of Heinrich Schenker.

Career Summary

Jakob Brünauer was the son of Samuel and Regina (Rebeka) Brünauer, and had one sibling, Adolf Balasz. Jakob adopted the professional first name "Jacques", and his firm bore the name "Chocolaterie française Jacques Brünauer & Co.", located at Vienna XVIII/1, Währinger-Gürtel 15.The firm was awarded the honorific title "Kaiserliche und königliche ..."

Jakob married Camilla Blumberger, and the couple had three children: Robert Albrecht, Otto Walter, and Erna MacArthur.

See Brünauer family.

Jakob Brünauer and Schenker

Schenker became acquainted with the Brünauer family in 1900 or 1902, visiting the house of his son Robert and first wife, and going to public events with them. Jakob Brünauer himself is mentioned in Schenker's diary on December 10, 1906: "At the Brünauers' place (67th birthday of Mr. Brünauer) in the evening." (Schenker was evidently uncertain about Jakob's age on that occasion, since "67" has been corrected by Schenker from perhaps "60" or "69": the birthday was in fact his 69th.


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