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Wealthy Jewish Viennese family of chocolate manufacturers.

Members of the family include:

  • Camilla Brünauer, wife of Jakob, mother of Robert; pupil of Marianne Kahn
  • Jakob (Jacques) Brünauer, husband of Camilla, father of Robert, chocolate manufacturer
  • Dr. Robert Brünauer, chocolate manufacturer, son of Jakob and Camilla; pupil of Schenker's between c.1900 and 1935, personal friend of Schenker's from 1903 on, and sometime patron
  • Ida Maria Vera Brünauer (née Fischl), Robert's first wife from prior to 1907 to 1919
  • Frau Brünauer (given name unknown), Robert's second wife between 1920 and 1923
  • Ulrike Brünauer, Robert's daughter
  • Robert seems to have had children by his first wife (who after 1919 were living with her in Berlin)


  • Ian Bent

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