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Pleasure establishment, located at the Grüner Berg (Grünberg) [Green Hill] in Obermeidling, in the 12th district (Meidling) of Vienna, opened in 1830 and in use until the beginning of World War II.

The Tivoli comprised a large building with halls and galleries, and a toboggan slide (Rutschbahn, cf. Johann Strauß, "Tivoli-Rutsch Walzer" (1830)) situated in pleasantly laid-out gardens. The establishment, in which all kinds of refreshment and recreation could be had, was a favorite place of light refreshment among upper middle-class and aristocratic circles. It was a venue where great festivities were celebrated.

Closed during World War II, the Tivoli fell into disuse thereafter.


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  • Marko Deisinger

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