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Village some 75 km (c. 47 miles) south-east of Lemberg [L'viv)] in Galicia (now in Western Ukraine).

Wisniowczyk and the Schenker Family

Schenker's parents lived in Wisniowcyk, where his father was a country doctor. Of their children, Markus and Rebekha (both of whom died young), Wilhelm, Schifre (Sophie), and Heinrich were born and brought up there, Moriz was born in Podhajce. Schenker described the family home thus: In our house there were many, many children, mainly boys. And whereas in other cases parents consider that, when there are a lot of girls, they should get them out of the house quickly, my parents were similarly exercised with the boys: off to their schools, and the sooner the better! Thus I was made out to be a year older than I really was, just so that I could advance to Lemberg. In this, the official records conspired with my parents' wishes. Similarly, later my parents made my sister out to be some ten years younger for purposes of marriage—in that, too, they succeeded! My father had originally married according to the Jewish rite; only much later were such marriages recognized also by the state. Later, when rectification was made, it was possible to adjust the official records to suit oneself. I know this because my parents told me so. (letter to Moriz Violin, OJ 6/7, [36], December 29, 1927)


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