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Hospital located at Boerhaavegasse 8 and 13 (running north from the Rennweg, close to the Aspangplatz, to the Juchgasse), in the 3rd district (the Landstraße) of Vienna.

The hospital was founded by Emperor Franz Joseph I in 1858 on the occasion of the birth of his first son and designated successor, Crown-Prince Rudolf. Occupying a large area of the Imperial Garden, the hospital was completed and officially opened in 1865, comprising at the time seven wards and having 860 beds at its disposal. The hospital was severely damaged in World War II, and was rebuilt in the 1960s and 1970s at Juchgasse 25.

On July 25, 1918, Schenker visited the hospital in order to see Eduard Violin, who was a patient there at the time


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  • Marko Deisinger

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