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Leipzig music publisher, retailer, and hire library.

The firm of C. F. Kahnt of Leipzig, founded by Christian Friedrich Kahnt in 1851, published the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik from 1857 to 1928, and was Franz Liszt's publisher, and also the publisher of Gustav Mahler's Sixth Symphony in 1906. It was one of Max Reger's principal publishers. The company was sold to Wilhelm Auerbach in 1882, and its name was changed to C. F. Kahnt Nachfolger in 1886.

It published theory works by Hugo Riemann and Arnold Schering.

Kahnt and Schenker

On August 6, 1911, Schenker's diary records that he sent a "biographical note" to Kahnt, in connection with a music encyclopedia that it was evidently publishing (OJ 6/5, [1], August 18, 1911)


  • Ian Bent

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