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  • OJ 14/45, [81] Handwritten letter from Violin to Schenker, dated December 19, 1929

    Violin has two possible publishers for the "Eroica" monograph. One of these he names as Rather in Leipzig, which has recently bought up Simrock. The other, Breitkopf & Härtel, has been suggested by Furtwängler, who believes that the proposal would be supported by Karl Straube. Violin also considers the possibility replying to a recent article by Schoenberg.

  • OJ 6/7, [45] Handwritten letter from Schenker to Violin, dated December 23, 1929

    Schenker, expressing misgivings about the medical profession, nonetheless hopes that Karl Violin's impending operation is successful. He is still awaiting news about a publisher for the "Eroica" monograph; Furtwängler's illness has delayed some lines of enquiry, and Hertzka (at Universal Edition) has not been cooperative.

  • OJ 14/45, [83] Handwritten letter from Violin to Schenker, dated January 24, 1930

    Violin has learned that the proprietor of Rather-Verlag is unwell, and that there would be no chance of Schenker's having his "Eroica" Symphony monograph published there. He also reports on declining cultural and human values, of which the recent success of jazz-based works, staged in German opera houses, is emblematic. He is going to Berlin to investigate possible employment there.