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Polish pianist, for nearly thirty years a pivot of the musical life of Lemberg, where Schenker was at school.

Career Summary

Mikuli studied piano with Chopin 1844-47 in Paris, and served as his assistant. For the next ten years, he concertized internationally, and in 1858 was appointed Director and a professor of the Conservatory of the Galician Music Society in Lemberg. After 1878, he founded his own music school and directed it until his death.

As a one-time pupil of Chopin, Mikuli is regarded as having carried Chopin's method of playing and teaching to later generations. He also edited the collected edition of Chopin's works (Leipzig: Kistner, 1879), in which he was able to draw on Chopin's own annotated copies and personal remarks.

Mikuli and Schenker

Schenker, while attending the Gymnasium in Lemberg, took piano lessons with Mikuli, who was a source of inspiration to him. Others in Schenker's circle who took lessons from Mikuli were Moriz Rosenthal and Samuel de Lange, jnr.


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