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Galician (Ukrainian) concert pianist.

Career Summary

Like Schenker (who was also born in Galicia), he was educated in Lemburg (L'vov, L'viv), and like him studied piano with Chopin's pupil and assistant Karol Mikuli (from 1872). He moved to Vienna with his family in 1875, continuing his piano studies with Rafael Joseffy. He took private lessons with Liszt in Weimar and Rome for nine years. At this time, he retired from music to study philosophy and aesthetics at Vienna University 1878-84, taking courses with, among others, Eduard Hanslick and Guido Adler. He emigrated to the USA in 1938, living in New York.

Rosenthal and Schenker

Despite both men having been in Lemberg, it is unlikely that they met there, since Schenker probably did not enter Lemberg Gymnasium until 1877, two years after Rosenthal left for Vienna. It is more likely that they met at Vienna University c. 1884. Their surviving correspondence begins in 1894, when Rosenthal was already addressing Schenker as "Dear Sir and Friend." On November 10, 1912, Rosenthal wrote to Schenker to say that he had heard nothing more of Schenker's planned "Organization for Creative and Performing Artists" (OJ 13/29, [9], quoted Federhofer).

Correspondence with Schenker

Correspondence from Rosenthal to Schenker is preserved as OJ 13/29 (1894-1912: 12 items), and one draft letter from Moriz Violin to Rosenthal survives as OJ 70/3 (undated).


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