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  • Clemens Krauss


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  • OJ 6/7, [7] Handwritten letter from Heinrich Schenker to Moriz Violin, dated October 21, 1923

    In a wide-ranging letter, Schenker expresses his joy at Karl Violin’s improving health, and goes on to mention a number of personal successes he has lately had, including a visit from Paul von Klenau to take advice for a forthcoming performance of Beethoven’s Missa solemnis. He has also had some unexpected support from his publisher, who wants to expand Der Tonwille to a quarterly publication. He is planning to take part in a series of charity concerts (three Haydn piano trios), and has heard that Clemens Kraus and Hans Knappertsbusch are overtaking Furtwängler as conductors in Vienna by accepting more modest fees.

  • OJ 6/7, [45] Handwritten letter from Schenker to Violin, dated December 23, 1929

    Schenker, expressing misgivings about the medical profession, nonetheless hopes that Karl Violin's impending operation is successful. He is still awaiting news about a publisher for the "Eroica" monograph; Furtwängler's illness has delayed some lines of enquiry, and Hertzka (at Universal Edition) has not been cooperative.