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Austrian actress; first wife of Robert Brünauer.

Daughter of Sigmund Simon and Ernestine Emma Fischl, she was an actress. Ida married Schenker's long-time pupil Robert Brünauer by 1907, and had several children by him. The marriage broke down after World War I. She subsequently moved to Berlin and married Friedrich Peter Sachs (1889‒1964). In Berlin she befriended the theater director Jürgen Fehling. After Hitler came to power, she, as a Jew, emigrated to Paris, where she was in close contact with the German authoress Thea Sternheim, whom she had known since 1910. In 1942 she fled to the USA.

Ida Brünauer and Schenker

Ida Brünauer is mentioned several times in Schenker's diaries for 1913, and much later in 1924 and 1927. On February 7, 1913, Schenker witnessed Ida playing the role of Hanna Elias in Gerhard Hauptmann's play Gabriel Schillings Flucht (1912), of which Schenker is highly critical in his diary for that day. His diary entry for February 11 is an extensive account of a conversation with Robert Brünauer about the play and about Ida herself.


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  • Marko Deisinger and Ian Bent

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