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Neighbor of Heinrich Schenker at Reisnerstraße 38. Des Grieux was an attorney, also a registered interpreter for the English language; his chancelry was located at Vienna I, Giselastraße 1.

In Lehmann's Vienna addressbook his name is given consistently as "Griez, Josef" and he is accorded the title "Ritter" (roughly Knight). His death is recorded in the London Gazette: any claims against the estate of the above named Dr. Josef Griez-Ronse (otherwise Dr. Josef de Griez), late of 38, Reisnerstrasse, Vienna, Austria (who died on 18th December, 1921 ...) .. [and the solicitor for the probate was described as] duly authorized Attorney of Mrs. Ellen Griez-Ronse (otherwise Mrs. Ellen de Griez), the residuary Legatee named in said will.

Grieux and Schenker

Josef des Grieux lived in either the large apartment 10 or the small front apartment (Kabinett Wohnung) 9 on the fourth floor (dritter Stock) of Reisnerstraße 38, where Schenker lived in the neighbouring small rear apartment 8. Des Grieux lived there from 1884 to 1920. Thereafter he moved to an address on Bösendorferstraße.

At the time of his marriage to Jeanette Kornfeld on November 10, 1919, Schenker sought to procure a larger apartment in the building to accommodate the two of them. He negotiated for des Grieux's apartment (or half of it ‒ the situation is unclear), but this ultimately proved unavailable and in 1921 Heinrich and Jeanette moved together to Keilgasse 8.


  • Adoph Lehmann's allgemeiner Wohnungs-Anzeiger
  • London Gazette, March 9, 1923


  • Ian Bent

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