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Street in the 3rd district of Vienna (Landstraße), extending from Am Heumarkt in the north to the Rennweg in the south.

Reisnerstraße 18

After moving from the Traungasse, where he had lived with his mother, Schenker lived at Reisnerstraße 18, door II, No. 10, from at latest early October 1896 to May 1897, when he moved to Richardgasse 11. (Evidence for these dates comes from postcards and envelopes from Johannes Messchaert, Maximilian Harden, and Ferruccio Busoni.)

Reisnerstraße 38

Schenker lived at Reisnerstraße 38 from May 8, 1900 to May 7, 1921 (according to the Vienna City Archive). The building comprised five floors in all (floor numbers are given below according to American usage ‒ British usage would be basement, ground floor, first to third floors):

Floor (Am) Floor (Ger) Apartments
fourth III. Stock 10; 9 and 8 (both small)
third II. Stock 7 and 6
second I. Stock 5 and 4
first Erdgeschoß 3 and 2
basement Sousterrain 1 and cellar

Schenker lived on the fourth floor, to the right of the stairwell, in apartment 8, the smaller of the small pair, at the rear, with windows looking on to the courtyard. He lived there between 1900 and 1921. In November 1919, at the time of his marriage to Jeanette Kornfeld (November 10), his "neighbor" died, and Schenker attempted to acquire the latter's apartment ‒ either 10 or 9 ‒ for Jeanette and himself. That proved impossible, hence the 18-month apartment hunt that in May 1921 resulted in their moving to Keilgasse 8.


  • Lee Rothfarb and Marko Deisinger

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