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Area of the Vienna Woods immediately south of the Wien River, and of the Western Railroad line to St. Pölten. Baunzen is 2 miles (3 km) due south of Purkersdorf, 5 miles (8 km) due east of Pressbaum, and 3 miles (4.5 km) southwest of Weidlingau.

Grieben's guide to Vienna and its Environs states: In the immediate neighborhood [of Purkersdorf] are walks into the "Paunzen" or into the "Wurzen." Following further in a southerly direction through the high-romantic Wolfsgraben one comes to Hochrotherd, Laab, and Breitenfurt, the latter situated in delightful wooded valley [...].

Baunzen is now a town situated on the north side of the west autobahn (A1).

Baunzen and Schenker

Schenker occasionally made weekend excursions on the Western Railroad from the West Rail Station in Vienna to Purkersdorf, and then walked southward to Baunzen (November 25, 1906; March 31, 1907; June 9, 1907; October 13, 1907). On one occasion he walked with two others from Purkersdorf south to Baunzen, then northeast to Weidlingau, returning to Vienna by rail.


  • Ian Bent

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