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  • OJ 14/45, [71] Handwritten letter from Moriz Violin to Schenker, dated July 18, 1928

    Owing to a "complete breakdown," Violin is recovering at a sanatorium in Schierke, from where he writes. In response to Schenker's previous postcard, Violin had written more than once to Prof. [Fritz?] Stein for the return of the manuscript of a Handel arrangement by Schenker, and he will chase him up in August. A pupil of his, Harry Hahn, has taken upon himself to lecture on Schenker's theories at the local society of composers; for this he has prepared classroom-size enlargements of voice-leading graphs of a Bach prelude and a Schubert waltz, and has proved a surprisingly competent and persuasive speaker.

  • OJ 14/45, [79] Handwritten letter from Violin to Schenker, dated June 16, 1929

    In spite of an earlier promise, Violin says he cannot visit the Schenkers in Galtür because he must stay with his son, who has had an inflammation of his kidney following the news of the death of a Prof. Schreier. He will instead take his son on a holiday in the Harz Mountains, and hopes to visit Vienna in the autumn or over Christmas.

  • OJ 14/45, [85] Handwritten letter from Moriz Violin to Jeanette Schenker, dated June 16, 1930

    Violin thanks Jeanette Schenker for sending him a recent article. His wife and daughter will spend the summer holiday with his brother-in-law, who is also paying for a three-week holiday for him and his son Karl.