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Luxury sanatorium situated in Vienna’s 18th district, Währing, northwest of the City, on the edge of the Vienna Woods, at Sternwartestrasse 74.

The sanatorium, founded in 1908 and built in Jugendstil style as three interconnected pavilions, is flanked by park land: to the south the Sternwartepark, to the north the Türkenschanzpark. It was equipped with a library, billiard room, music room, tennis courts, and other luxury facilities. Many famous people have been patients there, including Sigmund Freud, Hermann Broch, Adolf Loos, and Julius Korngold.

The Cottage Sanatorium and the Schenker Circle

Wilhelm Furtwängler admitted himself to the Cottage Sanatorium in the summer of 1932 for a medical checkup (OJ 11/16, [12]); and Anthony van Hoboken stayed there in June 1933 (OJ 5/18, 30), and again in August 1934 (OJ 5/18, 51).


  • Ian Bent

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