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Berlin music critic and writer on music.

Max Burkhardt studied at Leipzig University and Conservatory. He settled in Berlin in 1906 as a teacher and writer in music history, aesthetics, and acoustics at the Lessing Hochschule and the Eichelberg Conservatory. His books include Führer durch Richard Wagners Musikdramen (Berlin, 1909), Führer durch die Konzertmusik (Berlin, 1909), and Johannes Brahms: Ein Führer durch seine Werke (Berlin 1912). He was also a conductor, and composer of operas, choral works, etc.

Burkhardt and Schenker

Burkhardt was among the first to write a review of Schenker's Harmonielehre : "Neue musikalische Theorien und Phantasien. Von einem Künstler," [Berliner] Allgemeine Musik-Zeitung, September 20, 1907, preserved on OJ 2/p. 20. Schenker heralded the review in his diary on November 11, 1907 (OJ 1/6, p. 52): "Erste Kritik der „Harm.“ von Dr. M. Burckhardt. Berlin" ("First review of my Harmonielehre, by Dr. M. Burkhardt, Berlin"). The review is referred to in correspondence with J. G. Cotta at CA 71 and OJ 9/31, [17], December 16 and 18, 1907. Burkhardt is also mentioned in WSLB 14, August 19, 1908, in which Schenker includes him in a list of persons to receive a complimentary copy of the second edition of his Beitrag zur Ornamentik , in a letter to Emil Hertzka of Universal Edition.


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