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Member of the Eißler family, of which notably Jenny Eißler was a patron of Schenker's in the 1900s.

Bertha Eißler and Schenker

The wife of Hugo Eißler, Bertha Eißler is mentioned twice in Schenker's diary. On October 1, 1907: "Mrs Bertha Eißler surpises me with a strange request" (OJ 1/6, p. 51). Then on January 31, 1908: Mrs. Bertha Eissler shows up for the second time with strangely hysterical manifestations. It's a mystery ‒ if what accounts for it isn't otherwise the simple covetousness of a lady soon to retire from the erotic service. Or should she ever really have stood in a more intimate relationship to me? (OJ 1/7, p. 69).

There might perhaps be a hint in the second sentence of some earlier closeness between Schenker and Bertha.


  • Ian Bent

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