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Austrian conductor.

Kleiber held appointments in Prague (1911), Darmstadt (1912-19), Wuppertal (1919), Düsseldorf (1921), Mannheim (1922), subsequently General Music Director of Berlin State Opera (1923-34), where he included works by Janáček, Krenek, Berg, Schreker, Milhaud and other contemporary composers in the repertory. He resigned his post in the face of the Nazis' cultural policy. Schenker had a generally unfavorable view of his work; however, in February 1928 Schenker was complimentary of Kleiber's performance of the "Blue Danube" Waltz in his diary and lessonbook (Feb 4: "Kleiber's performance was extraordinary beyond words: to the point in every emphasis, in every shading, even if it departed completely from the usual picture." ‒ OJ 4/1, p. 3174; Feb 10: "about Kleiber's excellent performance of 'An der schönen blauen Donau,' which follows the score precisely." ‒ lessonbook 1927/28, p. 21).


  • NGDM2 (2001 and online)

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