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Son of the notable manuscript collector Carl Meinert.

Max Meinert and Schenker

Two letters from Max Meinert to Schenker survive in OC (B/280 and 281, dated December 1 and 16, 1913); Schenker had been directed to him by Louis Koch (OC B/275: November 22, 1913). In a letter to Schenker dated October 23, 1913 (OC B/273), Koch had listed among the Beethoven manuscripts in his own collection 'Sonate in As-dur op. 110, 3ter und 4ter Satz'. This manuscript (today Bonn, Beethovenhaus, BMh 2/42), which Schenker cites in the Op. 110 Erläuterungsausgabe, had apparently not been in the Meinert collection; and since the only other surviving autograph score of Op. 110 is Berlin, Artaria 196, which had passed directly to the Königliche Bibliothek from the Artaria collection, it is not clear what these ‘Teile der Sonate op. 110' might be.


  • Nicholas Marston

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