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Viennese music publisher in his own right and also partner in Rebay & Robitschek, which dates back at least to the 1880s; also writer, and composer of Singspiele.

Rebay's son, also Ferdinand (1880-1953), was a composer and teacher who studied, and later taught piano, at the Akademie für Musik und darstellende Kunst (= Conservatory). There was also an R. Rebay, a composer whose Löns-Lieder were published by UE c.1917 (UE 5928-5930).

Rebay, Schenker, and UE

Rebay appears as signatory to letters from Universal Edition to Schenker dated October 18 and December 3, 1904 (OC 52/394, 52/15), and is referred to by UE as "our Mr. Rebay" in a letter of June 13, 1906 (OC 52/20). Since Adolf Robitschek was one of the founders of UE (with Weinberger and Herzmansky), it is likely that Rebay had some involvement in the management (both letters specify the firm's "Bureau") of UE at that time.


  • Nigel Simeone and Ian Bent

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