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Restaurant (Gasthaus) on the corner of Reisnerstraße and Am Heumarkt, in the 3rd district of Vienna (Landstraße) at the address Am Heumarkt 5, near the Stadtpark entrance.

The Meißl Gasthaus and Schenker

The restaurant was only five minute's walk from Schenker's apartment at Reisnerstraße 38, and Schenker favored it over Lembacher in 1919 (OJ 8/3, [67]).

Schenker met there with Wilhelm Furtwängler and Moriz Violin on the evening of Tuesday April 24, 1920 (OJ 3/1, pp. 2229-2230), in what was a lengthy and at times testy discussion of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, marked by Schenker's use of polemic - a meeting that continued on the street (where Schenker declared he felt "the necessity to strike my opponents dead"), and in the Vindobona coffee-house, where they discussed Beethoven's autograph manuscripts. In an undated letter (possibly from 1927?), Furtwängler asked Schenker to meet him here (OJ 11/16, [F]).


  • Adolph Lehmann's Allgemeiner Wohnungs-Anzeiger nebst Handels- und Gewerbe-Adreßbuch für die Bundeshauptstadt Wien (Vienna 1921/22)


  • Marko Deisinger and Ian Bent

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