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Coffee house located at Schwarzenbergplatz 6, in Vienna's 1st district (Innere Stadt), and close to the third district (Landstraße) in which Schenker lived. (Vindobona is the Latin name for Vienna.)

This was one of the coffee houses that Schenker frequented in order to meet and talk with others. For example, he met with Wilhelm Furtwängler there on the evening of October 4, 1923 (OJ 3/6, pp. 2578-2579); and he and Jeanette met with Emil Hertzka on December 12, 1919 (OJ 3/1, p. 2191), where they hammered out the contractual details for the continuation of Die letzten fünf Sonaten and what eventually became Der Tonwille.

Schenker once commented (WSLB 304, December 7, 1919): "The custodians of this coffee-house guarantee total privacy, but also--I must admit--totally arctic conditions, for the room."

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